"There are now more than 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide—about a third of the planet’s population. This ubiquitous presence makes the internet an unavoidable part of any strategy to build a better world for everyone, everywhere, leaving no one behind. If the third of the world which is presently on social media could engage more in discourse around how to solve the problems we face, we would have a better chance of bringing the world to where we would like it to be."

These are the words of former UNDP Administrator Helen Clark in our Vice President's Adam Rogers latest book, and the aim of the World Summit of Social Media Influencers for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which took place online on 19 June and reached millions of viewers. 

The conference was being organized by ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, which is the world’s first combined social impact network and communication support provider dedicated to the Global Goals.

The World Summit in Brief

Official Launch of «Taking Action Online»

This dynamic new book maps out how influencers can use online networks to inform, inspire, and engage with others, to create a much better global community of action.

Adam Rogers
ConnectAID’s Board Member, Author on environmental sustainability, 25 years as Communication / Senior Policy Advisor & Global Coordinator at the United Nations.

Helen Clark
Former Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999–2008), former UNDP Administrator, Patron of The Helen Clark Foundation. Writer of the Foreword of Adam Roger’s book, Taking Action Online.

Gaëlle Mogli
Founder & CEO of ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, Former UN Spokesperson.


Sustainability reset  

Communicating, post Covid-19

Covid 19 is not just a health crisis, it is also a communication crisis and an opportunity to build forward better.

Ulrika Modeer, ASG & Director of External Relations, UNDP

Boaz Paldi, Partnership Manager, UNDP

Felix Dodds, Author, activist, academic, futurist – co-author of Negotiating the SDGs

Richard Munang, Author, Africa Regional Climate Change Coordinator UNEP

Felix Dodds, Auteur, activiste, academiste, futuriste – co-auteur de "Negotiating the SDGs"

Richard Munang, Auteur, Coordinateur régional du PNUE pour les changements climatiques en Afrique

Ulrika Modeer, ASG & Directrice des relations exterieures, UNDP avec 

Boaz Paldi, Partnership Manager, UNDP

Melissa Sassi, Head of IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, Founder of MentorNations

Daniel Naujoks, Interim Director, International Organizations and UN Studies Specialization at Columbia University

Helene Li, Co Founder GoImpact, General Manager Fintech Association of Hong Kong

Partnership for Goals

How the online collective can incubate change

Thomas Gloria, Director of the Sustainability Programme at Harvard 

Patrick Paul Walsh, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Development Studies at University College Dublin; Senior Adviser - UN SDSN.

Kent Page, Chief, Advocacy/Communication, Education Cannot Wait

Chandrika Bahadur, Director of SDG Academy SDSN

Jeffrey Cheah, Founder and chairman of the Sunway Group, Founding Trustee of the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation


Social Media Secrets: How to maximize your social power for common good

Anyone can become an advocate for Sustainable Development Goals. 

Dr. Shruti Kapoor
Founder of Sayfty, Global Diversity, Inclusion Advisory Board at L’Oréal

Johannes Drooghaag, Founder of Spearhead Management -
Author in Cybersecurity & Social Media

Jennifer Williams, Co-founder @TakeActionEdu

Sally Eaves, CTO, leader in emergent technology

Antonio Vieira, Co-Founder of DT Lab

Debra Ruh, CEO & Founder of Ruh Global IMPACT, Talk Show Host - AXSChat

Find Your Cause

Elise Buckle, Founder of Climate and Sustainability

Fanny Pauwelyn-Baert, Adviser, International Social Service

Mamta Borgoyary, Director of FXB India

Download the 2021 agenda [PDF]




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