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Never has it been as possible for nearly everyone, everywhere, to take part in and take action for creating a better world! Join the world’s top social media influencers at the forefront of harnessing online networks to build forward better, to support humanitarian aid & to promote action in the achievement of the 17 SDGs. 

Here is a list of top SDG Champions created and managed by:
Adam Rogers, Vice president of ConnectAID, author of


Adam's book

About ConnectAID


ConnectAID is the first combined charitable giving platform and social impact network dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission of our Geneva based NGO is to allow direct support and contributions to international nonprofit environmental and humanitarian organizations, allowing both individuals and corporations the opportunity to get directly involved in sustainable development actions, including climate action. The organization also offers foundations and nonprofits the tools and support they need to communicate strategically with targeted audiences.

Here is how you can join the list of SDGInfluencers: 
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ConnectAID organises annually the World Summit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Influencers. Find out more 


Top 100 SDG Influencers





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