Artificial Intelligence and social services: towards a revolution07/04/2021

Project :Children On The Move - Ukraine

  • Reduced inequalities
  • No poverty
  • Good health and well-being
  • Gender equality
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions
  • Partnerships for the goals

How AI can help alleviate social workers’ administrative burden?

ConnectAID's Partner the International Social Service (ISS), a 96-year old NGO that massively contributes to resolving child protection cases, faces the challenge of administrative backlogs and a high turnover rate not uncommon in the nonprofit sector.

Seeing the urgent need for a technological transformation in the way they managed cases, Omdena came into the picture.

"This tool, upon continued development, will be the first step toward ISS’s AI journey. And with enhanced capabilities, both experienced and less experienced caseworkers will be able to make better-informed decisions.

ISS caseworkers across the globe will have access to these tools, as well as access to the entire network’s pool of resources — truly empowering caseworkers to do the work that matters."

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