The untouchable children of the streets of Jaipur12/03/2021

Project :Center for Railway Children - India

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Good health and well-being
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions

Many children are born in the untouchable caste and live in the street, around the station of Jaipur. Nothing will allow them to get out of it, except education. Unfortunately, the families of the slums are often reluctant to send their children to school. They need uniforms, shoes, notebooks, a school bag, pencils... and they can't afford it.

Moreover, many of them are sent every day to sort the garbage of the city. Barefoot they plunge their arms in heaps of waste and spend the day in an atrocious stench, sorting everything that can be sold and recycled. This for a few extra rupees that will allow them to eat.

Although child labor is illegal in India, it is still widely practiced among the untouchables.

The children of the Jaipur train station have a place to go, a haven of peace: the home of the FXB organization, which welcomes them, cares for them, feeds them, and in partnership with local schools, helps them re-enroll. This place is necessary for their survival, and may represent their only hope.

If you too are touched by the fate of these untouchable children, help us help them!

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