A haven of peace for children at Jaipur station17/12/2020

Project :Center for Railway Children - India

  • No poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Good health and well-being
  • Quality education
  • Gender equality
  • Reduced inequalities
  • Peace, justice and strong institutions

There are several million street children in India - many of whom wonder around railway stations where they are exposed to illegal substances, sexual abuse and forced into child-labour.

They find themselves begging or picking up rags and garbage left behind by passengers. They are also easy prey for child traffickers who recruit them for criminal activities or force them into prostitution or forced labour.

ConnectAID’s partner FXB is welcoming those children at its Day Care Centre located near the Jaipur railway Station.

In collaboration with other NGOs and the railway police, FXB tries every day to intercept these children upon their arrival at the station. They are then placed in temporary care facilities while contact is made with their families to arrange for a reunification. If the negotiation is successful, the children are returned to their hometowns and cared for by protection committees set up by the government to ensure that reunification takes place in the best interests of the child. If family reunification isn’t possible, FXB and its partners work to place them into government programmes.

However, every day, children fall through the cracks, and many have been on the streets for far too long. Temporary shelters and already crowded government programs can no longer be an option for them.The FXB Shelter welcomes 200 children every year with an average of 40 children a day upon their arrival at the station.

The nonprofit needs your support to continue caring for those children. For them, the Jaipur shelter is their only haven of peace and security.

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