The Impact of Covid-19 on Education 28/09/2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the education of children from poorer backgrounds and is widening the gap between rich and poor and boys and girls, a new global survey recently revealed.

· 2/3rd of the children had no contact with teachers at all, during #lockdown; 8 in 10 children believed they had learned little or nothing since schools closed.

· 93% of households that lost over half of their income due to the pandemic reported difficulties in accessing health services.

· Violence at home doubled when schools were closed: when schools were closed, the reported rate was 17% compared to 8% when schools were open and the child was able to attend in person.

· 63% of girls are more often tasked to do more chores around the house, compared to 43% of boys.

· Investment in education, health and nutrition, mental health services and safety nets are urgently needed.

Source: ReliefWeb - Save the Children International

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