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Avocats Sans Frontières France

Avocats Sans Frontières France Created in 1998 Headquarters Toulouse, France

  • Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities
  • Goal 16: Peace, Justice ans Strong Institutions
  • Goal 5: Gender Equality

International solidarity organization that was created in France in 1998 to carry out projects to strengthen the rule of law and access to justice for the most vulnerable people in developing countries.

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Our mission : - Promote access to the law and to fair justice for vulnerable people who do not have the possibility, arbitrarily detained or tortured - Defend any person deprived of a free and independent defence as well as human rights defenders threatened or abused in the exercise of their function - Strengthen the capacity to act and the autonomy of local actors to defend and promote human rights (civil society and stakeholders in the judicial system).

The actions of the association focus on one or more of these aspects:

1 - ACT in the name of Justice and Freedom

We provide on a voluntary basis the defence of any person whose fundamental rights are threatened and who does not have a free and independent lawyer for his defence. Our mission is also to provide assistance to lawyers and human rights defenders threatened because of their commitment.

2 - CONTRIBUTE to strengthening the rule of law

We intervene everywhere in the world, whenever it is necessary to support the rule of law, the judicial institution or the right to a fair trial. We always have vocations to strengthen the capacities of local justice and legal actors, by responding to their needs and acting alongside them.

3 - PROMOTE access to law and justice

Promoting access to law is one of our priorities, which is why we are helping to set up legal and judicial aid systems. In this perspective, we will contribute to providing the most vulnerable people with the protection of the law where it does not exist: provision of legal services (itinerant or sedentary consultations), strengthening of legal systems, awareness of the population and stakeholders of the judiciary.

4 - DEFEND citizens and human rights defenders

ASF France urgently ensures the defence of any person whose fundamental rights are threatened and who does not have access to an independent lawyer. We also intervene when a lawyer is attacked because of his profession: threats, imprisonment, etc. Indeed, beyond the lawyer, it is the citizen who is deprived of defence and therefore of justice.

5 - DEVELOP citizens and human rights defenders

We always aim to strengthen the capacities of local justice and legal actors, by providing them with initial and continuing training adapted to their specific needs and difficulties.

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