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Association d'Entraide Médicale Guinée

Association d'Entraide Médicale Guinée Created in 2009 Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland

The Guinea Medical Association (ADEMEG) is a non-governmental organization of international humanitarian action.

Our mission : L'Association d'entraide médicale Guinée is a non-profit association whose mission is to contribute to the improvement of health services for vulnerable and poor populations in the Republic of Guinea.

The purpose of the association is : to compensate for the lack of adequate community health infrastructure in Guinea; To contribute to the reinforcement of the capacity of small structures (dispensaries) by improving the comfort of patients; To promote the dissemination of information and education on the risks related to sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS, in schools in rural areas; to develop access to care for the elderly and handicapped; to initiate a specific program to set up a space for listening and psychological treatment for women and children who are victims of violence and genital mutilation; to seek medicines and medical devices from Swiss hospitals, pharmaceutical laboratories, clinics and medical centers; to strengthen the exchange of experiences and transfer of knowledge and new medical technologies through the organization of training courses and field missions of retired doctors and Swiss volunteers.

Tax deduction possible in the following countries : Switzerland

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