Innovative digital project to accelerate Development Goals

Former UN Spokesperson launches the first international solidarity network


Former UN Spokesperson Gaëlle Mogli Sévenier and her team just finalised the creation of a digital platform which may very well become the Sustainable Development Goals’ 2.0 accelerator., the International Solidarity Network, now functions as a social network and a crowdfunding platform allowing individuals to support humanitarian and development aid projects around the world.

Mrs. Mogli, who worked in Geneva as WFP, WMO and IOM Spokesperson, joined forces an international team of experts to conceptualize the first International Solidarity Network. Their vision is to connect and inform people, and to contribute to reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the international community to end poverty, support those affected by conflict and disaster, and build a global partnership for development.

“When donations are anonymous, when development projects or humanitarian aid seem so far away and unreal, international solidarity weakens” said Gaëlle Mogli. “In order to involve people in humanitarian action and increase local impact, we created the missing link between the interest and commitment of individuals who want to directly support concrete projects around the world. It is about connecting those who care to realities on the ground, and about providing nonprofits with the tool they need to communicate and raise funds.”

ConnectAID provides international organizations, NGOs, and nonprofit associations with an advanced technology enabling them to inform donors in real time about their needs and actions. 100% of all donations go directly and entirely to vetted nonprofits delivering aid (as of 2020, with projects in Burkina Faso, Cambodia, India, Haiti, Myanmar, Rwanda, Switzerland, South Africa and Vietnam).

The social network makes it easy and safe for anyone to sustainably support development projects and quickly respond to a humanitarian crisis, therefore directly impacting local populations. Members have access to live updates from local projects, news, emergency alerts, career or volunteer opportunities, and over time, will have the possibility to visit the sites of the development projects that they support. ConnectAID offers optional services to nonprofits to help them save time and money and concentrate on their core humanitarian or environmental missions. This innovative project has the ambition to revolutionize international solidarity.




About ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network:

Developed by specialists in humanitarian & aid, development aid and computer programming, ConnectAID is a combined humanitarian social media network and charitable giving platform dedicated to Sustainable Development.

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