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ConnectAID is an international solidarity network, a humanitarian and philanthropic platform that innovates for more impact in sustainable development.


Geneva, March 2021 – ConnectAID and its founder Gaëlle Mogli are determined to accelerate the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the financing of humanitarian projects, an issue which has never been so pressing.

Inequalities amplified by the virus

The Covid-19 outbreak hit the most vulnerable countries on the planet. According to the UN agencies, two billion people working in the informal sector are particularly impacted. According to their data, the crisis could push more than half a billion into poverty, whereby before Covid-19, the worldwide poverty rate had not been increasing for decades. The number of women experiencing poverty increased by more than 9%, which represents a step backward in several decades of progress against extreme poverty. Poverty also deprives up to hundreds of millions of children in having access to education. In December, the UN forecastedthat a record of 235 million people would need humanitarian aid in 2021. It is nearly one and a half times the number predicted for 2020.

Those numbers themselves should shock and trigger a reaction. Aside from financial backers and donors to humanitarian aid whomay give less, the crisis’s impact on theworld’s economies includes a reduction of taxable income and therefore may change the attitudes of states, reducing their international projects when they are most needed. This crisis, therefore, requires a global yet solidary solution.

A solidary and innovative approach

The current crisis leads NGOs to question their financing strategies. How do we finance more important needs? How do we diversify our search for financing? How do we adapt to digitalization? How do we sensitize and involve more donors? ConnectAID offers itself to be an “International Solidarity Network”, a humanitarian social network and philanthropic platform. Behind these words is a simple idea: connect changemakers to the field, a platform to share and help. Donations, without any commission, go directly towards concrete action. The platform offers a list of carefully selected NGOs, whose efficiency on the field has been proven and who are focused in serving the SDGs. ConnectAID allows NGOs to reduce their costs, join their efforts and focus on their core missions. As such, this results in solidarity between organizations to achieve more results.

Information before all

For its founder, former journalist, and UN-Spokesperson Gaëlle Mogli, ConnectAID above all informs the public of the situation, needs, and sustainable development activities happening in the world: “Today, the biggest obstacle to the financing of humanitarian projects, aside from the lack of implication from donors and the lack of precise information, is the number of solicitations, that the public is not aware of the true needs on the field, nor of the concrete actions of NGOs. It does not know who and how to help nor how to be more involved. There are also difficulties to perceive what is the concrete impact of their generosity and has too often lost confidence in the humanitarian sector.” ConnectAID was created to solve these issues and offers everyone the opportunity to commit to sustainable development and truly bring about positive change.

A platform to share

ConnectAID positions itself as the missing agent between NGOs’ needs on one hand and individuals’ desire to impact change on the other hand. “We want to build a strong and durable bond”. For Gaëlle Mogli, SDG influencer, “We need to give to NGOs the opportunity to save the time and resources spent on finding financing and allow them to focus on their core missions in the field. We also need to allow donors to have a transparent overview on the projects they support and directly see the impact of their donations.” Through this effort, humanitarian trips can be organized. Ambassadors from all horizons and from all around the world can start engaging with effective and lasting results, and a large number of organizations can participate. The international solidarity revolution has begun.

Personalized transparency and follow-up

What differentiates ConnectAID from other social media or financing platforms? Its role increasing connections aside, the international solidarity network distinguishes itself from other actors in the sector by drawing its attention to transparency. 100% of the donations go directly to NGOs and causes the donor chooses. ConnectAID is built around the idea that there cannot be a strong and long-lasting relationship between NGOs and donors if it is not possible to exchange and share transparency. By offering a dedicated space for philanthropy and follow-up on humanitarian projects, the platform offers everyone the opportunity to stay connected and informed.

Serving the Sustainable Development Goals

On its platform, ConnectAID promotes carefully selected non-profit organizations and sustainable development projects. All contribute to one or more SDGs and the global effort for development. “The organizations are not competing with one another on ConnectAID, it is the opposite. They understand the importance of solidarity and the power of teamwork. The donor is volatile, fighting one day against climate change, the next day to reduce hunger and poverty, and the day after, access to healthcare. On ConnectAIDeveryone finds a diversified portfolio of projects and organizations to support.” For founder Gaëlle Mogli and her team, the aim is to help everyone discover “their” cause and help as a changemaker.

ConnectAID, financed entirely by its founder, answers a real need identified on the field. Its ambition is to develop real change in the world of international solidarity, between organizations, foundations, associations but also between individuals, aiming at a new normal with more meaning, solidarity, and impact in sustainable development.

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