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ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, connects you to concrete humanitarian and development aid projects around the world and provides nonprofits the tools and support they need to be more efficient on the ground.

As a combined humanitarian & philanthropic social network and support provider for nonprofits to increase their impact, ConnectAID encourages international solidarity and contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The impact of the International Solidarity Network goes beyond informing you and directing funds to where they are most needed without taking any commission. It is about connecting change makers to international aid and supporting nonprofits to achieve their missions.




With the COVID-19 crisis
1 in 10 people will be pushed into poverty. 
The number of those facing hunger will double.

Over 265 million people will be in need of humanitarian assistance.

Millions of others want to become actors of change...

but don’t know how.



We connect you to concrete sustainable development projects around the world.


We make it easy and safe for you to directly support, without any commission fee, a nonprofit that positively impacts our planet or populations in need.



We facilitate access to live updates, trainings, necessary services for nonprofits, international news as well as career or volunteer opportunities.


We provide nonprofits and foundations the tools and support they need to perform better, finance their actions and inform you about realities on the ground.


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Why join ?

If you are...


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An individual

ConnectAID allows you to:

  • Enter a global community of change makers
  • Access humanitarian news and field updates
  • Easily select and follow concrete actions 
  • Give back to the community knowing that 100% of your donation goes to nonprofits
  • Track your impact
  • Volunteer and find job opportunities
  • Deduct your donations from your taxes
  • Share and generate a snow ball effect  to be a part of the change
picto enterprise
A Corporate

ConnectAID can:

  • Introduce you to vetted international projects
  • Allow you to easily give back to the community
  • Facilitate tax deductions
  • Give you public visibility for common good
  • Develop tailored approaches with your staff and customers
  • Foster employee engagement 
  • Allow you to actively support SDGs
A Volunteer
  • Our job boad allows you to access different opportunities from our nonprofit partners
  • Influencial professionals are encouraged to apply as of May 2021 to join our team as Community Advocates and inspire others:  

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picto non profit
A nonprofit

ConnectAID can help you:

  • Continue your mission in times of crisis
  • Communicate about your action
  • Directly raise the funds you need for your work on the ground, without any commission
  • Connect with corporate sponsors
  • Find peers and new partners
  • Attract new donors, sponsors and supporters
  • Find staff and volunteers
  • Find the support, training and services you need to be more efficient
  • Concentrate on your mission by eventually delegating the rest to us - Find out more



The international community has set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to end poverty, ensure healthy lives for all, protect our planet and build a global partnership for development.

ConnectAID was created to connect people, nonprofits, foundations & businesses to become agents of sustainable development.

Showcasing meaningful international projects and organizations, the network allows you to connect with people, make safe contributions to support a nonprofit and follow online the impact of your donation as well as humanitarian news.


Become a Member

Becoming a member of our community is free and will only take you a few seconds. We encourage you to click here to become a Member of the International Solidarity Network: 

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“ConnectAID is the purpose-driven communication tool NGOs need to feature their social and humanitarian impact on local communities.”

Jean Ayoub
Secretary General of the International Social Service Network

“ConnectAID is a social media network that makes sense, with the potential to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and allow anyone to become actor of change with respect for human dignity."Ricardo EspinosaFormer Chief of Relations with Civil Society, United Nations Office at Geneva

"Great initiative, bringing people and sectors together to support our way out of this crisis. This is the time for partnership, a time to put people first. It is in that spirit that ConnectAID was created. So thank you." 

Dan ThomasChief Communications Officer at the UN Global Compact

"ConnectAID is needed now more than ever to ensure limited support gets to where the need is greatest."

Adam RogersAuthor, Senior UN Adviser 

“Congratulations to ConnectAID for trying different avenues to achieve what we all aspire to contribute to."Margareta WahlstromPresident at Swedish Red Cross Society & Former Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)
"A secure and easy-to-use platform which corresponds exactly to the needs of nonprofits and corporate/individual donors."

Christine EggsDirector of FXB International



Do you also believe that international solidarity should be the norm?

Nonprofits have joined hands on ConnectAID to show you their necessary work on the ground. All funds raised go directly to the organization of your choise. We can help them increase their impact on the causes that matter to you most. 

We invite you to select the nonprofit or sustainable development project that you can make your own. By taking action, you are changing lives.

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 The Meal

Climate Sustainability


 Cité de la solidarité internationale

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