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ConnectAID connects you to concrete humanitarian and development aid projects around the world and provides nonprofits the tools they need to be more efficient on the ground.

As a necessary support provider for nonprofits, our humanitarian social network encourages international solidarity and contributes to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Mission: we connect, support, communicate about and advocate for SDG initiatives by building bridges and breaking silos between international organizations, foundations, corporations and individuals, for purpose and solidarity to become the norm. 


The International Solidarity Network is a free social network for each individual, which works just like any other platform: in a few clicks, you can create your member profile, with access to private messages, the ability create posts with photos and videos, group chats, updates by Sustainable Development Goal, discussion forums... and more.

On the International Solidarity Network you can:
• meet people nearby and internationally
• join various community spaces such as the Youth Academy
• engage in communities in different languages,
• find volunteering opportunities,
• watch livestreaming,
• join international online events, meetings and webinars related to sustainable development.

You can even download a mobile app on your phone, join courses, follow concrete actions on the ground from our vetted NGO partners active all around the world, and be inspired by humanitarian and environmental action to be part of the change.

In brief, this is the place to be for purpose, solidarity and SDG online action. Your network. 


We invite you to join our humanitarian and sustainable development social media hub!


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With the COVID-19 crisis
1 in 10 people will be pushed into poverty.
The number of those facing hunger will double. The war will also have disadtrous international impacts on the most vulnerable populations. 

Millions of people will be in need of humanitarian assistance.

Millions of others want to become actors of change...

but don’t know how.

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Through our network of networks, we connect you to concrete sustainable development projects around the world!



On our giving platform, we make it easy and safe for you to directly support, without any commission fee, nonprofit's necessary work on the ground.



We facilitate access to live updates and international news as well as volunteer opportunities. We also hold an Academy and a book corner and we provide an updated list of SDG influencers.


We organise World Summits of SDG Influencers  and provide nonprofits the tools and support they need to perform better & inform people about realities on the ground.


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Why join ?

If you are...


picto non profit
A nonprofit
  • show the world what you do
  • Find the tools & support you need to communicate about your action
  • Directly raise funds, 0 commission
  • Find staff and volunteers

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picto individual
An individual
  • Join a community of changemakers
  • Access humanitarian news and field updates
  • Give back to the community
  • Join international events
  • Volunteer

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picto enterprise

A Corporate representative
  • Find vetted international projects
  • Invest in nonprofits and SDGs
  • join our international events
  • Benefit from tax deductions

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Online Event: Taking Action Online for Ukraine

Take action Online for Ukraine

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Our Founder Gaëlle Mogli participated in the UN Geneva Award Ceremony of Prince Talal International Prize with H.R.H. Prince Abdulaziz bin Talal Al-Saud and Queen Sofia of Spain.

She discussed with H.E. Dr. Nasser Alkahtani, Executive Director of AGFUND, about ConnectAID's impact on SDGs and was later nominated for the the 2021 Climate action international prize. 

We are now opening new partnerships with Foundations to promote their NGOs or SDG projects.

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The impact of our Network goes beyond informing you

and directing funds to where they are most needed without taking any commission...

It is about connecting change makers to international aid and supporting nonprofits to achieve their missions.

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The international community has set out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • to end poverty,
  • ensure healthy lives and education for all,
  • protect our planet,
  • and among other Goals, build a global partnership for development.

Become a Member of our international Community:
Join our social network! 

You can have your personal profile on our International Solidarity Network, which will allow you to stay connected with international aid, receive occasional updates, be invited to international conferences, invite your friends, have your photo associated with the project or nonprofit of your choice or just to be part of a community of change makers. 

Becoming a member of our network is free and will only take you a few seconds. And once registered, you will be invited to join our new interactive platform! Join us now!

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Christine Milne Christine Milne
Global Greens Ambassador, Patron Australian Smart Energy Council, Officer of the Order of Australia.

“ConnectAID is the critical link to amplify inspiring stories and to enable the whole global effort for the SDGs to be greater than
the sum of the parts

espinoza.jpg Ricardo EspinosaFormer Chief of Relations with Civil Society, United Nations Office at Geneva

“ConnectAID is a social media network that makes sense, with the potential to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals and allow anyone to become actor of change with respect for human dignity."
dan.jpg Dan ThomasChief Communications Officer at the UN Global Compact

"Great initiative, bringing people and sectors together to support our way out of this crisis. This is the time for partnership, a time to put people first. It is in that spirit that ConnectAID was created. So thank you."

adam.jpg Adam RogersAuthor, Senior UN Adviser, Vice president of ConnectAID

"ConnectAID is needed now more than ever to ensure limited support gets to where the need is greatest."

walstrom.jpg Margareta WahlstromPresident at Swedish Red Cross Society & Former Special Representative for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR)
“Congratulations to ConnectAID for trying different avenues to achieve what we all aspire to contribute to."
Helen Clark

Helen ClarkFormer Prime Minister of New Zealand & Head of UNDP, Speaker at ConnectAID's World Summit of SDG Influencers

"I hope people will be inspired by what ConnectAID does. Every voice counts, make yours count."
Tom Gloria Thomas GloriaFormer Director of the Sustainability Programme at Harvard University
"For those who discover who ConnectAID is and what it's about: there is this true sense that we all belong. ConnectAID's strength is making everyone feel like they fit and everyone feels empowered to do something for sustainable development."
Helene Li

Helene LiCo Founder GoImpact  General Manager Fintech Association of Hong Kong

"There is a huge urgency to connect the dots in driving the Sustainable Development agenda. ConnectAID is a powerful platform for that. We need to move from intention to action rapidly - there’s no Planet B, and no business to be done on a half dead planet !"


Do you also believe that international solidarity can become the norm?

Nonprofit organizations have joined hands with ConnectAID to show you their necessary work on the ground. All funds raised go directly to the organization of your choice. We can help them increase their impact on the causes that matter to you most. 

We invite you to find your cause and select the nonprofit or development project that you can make your own.

By taking action, you are changing lives.

Find YOUR cause


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