Solidarity Trips


Directly support local economies by traveling to the project sites you support. 


ConnectAID aims to connect you to meaningful sustainable development projects around the world.

Our goal is to support you in becoming an actor of change by facilitating “solidarity trips” to some of our partner projects. Whether you are a major contributor, or you have raised an important amount of funds for your project, we can help you to coordinate tailored site.


We also need people like you to report back to the community and help us raise funds and awareness about how vital each sustainable development project is for the local population. 

If you are traveling to one of our project sites and are interested in becoming a Field Reporter as part of the pro bono ambassador program, please find more information here:

Field Reporter TOR 

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Become a Member

Becoming a member of our community is free and will only take you a few seconds. We encourage you to click here to become a Member of the International Solidarity Network: 

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