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ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, is looking for experts in an NGO Executive Assistant, home based. This opportunity is a volunteer position as part of ConnectAID's Academy. 

ConnectAID’s Grant Writer & Fundraising Fellowship is a groundbreaking international, strategic, and remote fellowship/volunteer opportunity with, the International Solidarity Network, with a possibility to join a growing team.

We are a Geneva based nonprofit organization and global network reaching over 2 million individuals around the world and growing. This position assist Executive leadership in grant writing and fundraising projects. As part of our Academy of Community Advocates, you will have a direct impact on our international team and beyond. 

About ConnectAID

ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, is a combined humanitarian social impact network and "direct-giving" platform dedicated to sustainable development actions, for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact. The goal of our Swiss Nonprofit organization is to connect individuals, nonprofits and corporates to international aid, allowing them to contribute directly to meaningful sustainable development efforts, including those needed to fight the disastrous international consequences of COVID-19.

As a network of networks, ConnectAID is the conduit for the #SDGeneration voice and serves as an international connector, creating synergies between SDG stakeholders and corporate sectors to influence and call people to #action. ConnectAID has several current and future programs. Our first program provides communications and fundraising support to vetted NGOs and nonprofits. Action on the ground is the heart of what WE drive to accomplish as a team. Our second program is the Academy of Community Advocates who are all over the world and dedicated to SDG #action and influence for good with #purpose. 

In addition, ConnectAID’s Community Advocate Academy, SDG Youth Voices project, and the high-level thought leader Ambassador program include international SDG influencers from all backgrounds that assist in the creation and execution of ConnectAID’s mission and values. This includes the organization of distinguished World Summits dedicated to lifting up SDG #values, breaking silos, and encouraging solidarity.

Within a short timeline, ConnectAID has a team of over 50 international thought advocates, leaders, and influencers in the #SDG and #ESG space. The globally acclaimed ConnectAID World Summit took place in the spring of 2021. It was the first-ever World Summit of Social Media Influencers for the Sustainable Development Goals, with a keynote by Prime Minister Helen Clark of New Zealand, engaging audiences from over 80 countries.


ConnectAID is internationally renowned through its extended network of over 3 million social media users, academic leaders, corporate entities, and other individuals and stakeholders who care about the “SDGeneration” mission. 


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If you have always wanted to work in an international environment, ConnectAID is the right place to start, and learn more about Global Sustainability, Humanitarian causes, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and ESG movements within our collective #SDGeneration.



  • Maintain a database of contacts and explore new contacts in relation to ConnectAID’s potential partnerships with the private sector. 
  • Actively search for grants, innovative funding, sponsors and corporate members.
  • Write, revise, and edit drafts for grants applications and project proposals
  • Actively work on sponsorship strategy with the Executive team on ConnectAID’s 2nd World Summit of SDG Influencers 2022. 
  • Keep abreast of trends about philanthropy and fundraising deemed useful for key activities this includes researching grants opportunities for our Swiss nonprofit and preparing applications.
  • Participate in the creation of content and newsletters for donors and social media accounts in concert with the team and collective.
  • Draft briefings, concept memos, meeting notes, and reports about donors and potential partners. 
  • Participate in the organization of programmatic initiatives.
  • Time permitting, conduct any other task considered as a priority by the organizations to ensure the success of its solidarity and purpose-driven mission.
  • Help reimagine the future of Sustainable Development through collective knowledge and strategic action.



Undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate background in a relevant field such as fundraising, PR, sustainability, partnerships, business development, communications, social media, international relations, social sciences, marketing, sales, IT, political sciences, or economics. Work experience can be in lieu of further undergraduate, graduate, and/or postgraduate work.



  • Fluency in English is a requirement. Other languages (especially French) are a plus.
  • Excellent written communication skills are essential.
  • Research experiences communicating data with storytelling.



  • Experience in fundraising
  • Detailed-oriented, proactive, good organization skills, and ability to meet deadlines.
  • Proficiency in the use of digital tools and social networks marketing is strongly desirable.
  • Strong interest in global socio-humanitarian and development initiatives.
  • Previous experience in the organization of events and/or fundraising activities would be an asset.
  • Experience as a volunteer would certainly help.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Willing to learn.
  • Enjoys a good debate of ideas and bridge-building with people of all backgrounds.



ConnectAID is a new innovative organization and is open to bold ideas that come to mind! This will give you an opportunity to show your creativity, join a team of motivated change agents, and participate in deep and meaningful discussions that lead to effective action and impact. 

This is an unpaid volunteer position that is validated however, stipend may be delivered at the end depending on the financial growth of organization.

We offer proactive training in fundraising and partnership brokering with Corporations and NGOs, as well as training in community and communications management during weekly international online group meetings and strategic training and programming opportunities. 



This fellowship will start as soon as possible and requires the candidate to commit to a minimum of 8-months, at 80 to 100% capacity. Due to the nature of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the fellowship will be remote. No visa, paperwork nor work permit will be delivered to the candidate. Letters of recommendation including from our CEO Gaëlle Mogli, former UN Spokesperson in Geneva and Founder of ConnectAID, will however be delivered upon completion of the fellowship. 

This position will report to the Chief Strategic Officer. Steeped in rich knowledge and on-the-ground international action, our ConnectAID Executive Team has over 20 years of experience in each of their dynamic sectors and stakeholder engagement.

ConnectAID wants YOUR thoughts, ideas, voices, and actions for innovation during this fellowship and beyond. Our team is international, collaborative, and agents for change.  We come from all places and backgrounds to add value, content, education, and science to #sustainability projects globally and in specific communities with our network of almost 20 vetted NGOs, individuals, stakeholders, corporations, and #SDGinfluencers online reach over 2 million unique users in over 125 countries.  

Please email a cover letter and resume to 

No visa can be dilivered. 


Include in the email Subject Line, Resume and & Cover Letter:

  • LAST NAME: “Grant writing and Fundraising Fellowship". 
  • Please include why you care about #sustainability issues and action.
  • How many hours a week you are available.
  • Include experience in business development and grant writing.
  • Kindly elaborate on any other international experiences. 
  • Include 2-3 personal, academic, and/or career references.
  • Lastly, let us know which #SDG means the most to you and why? How can SDG’s inform corporate structuring of their ESG, CSR, and other initiatives/reporting frameworks?

Welcome to the #SDGeneration and #ESGcollective for #Action and #Impact on #PeoplePlanetProsperity. Join us in taking action and making a direct sustainability impact.  

Together, we are changing lives and the planet, one connection and one action at a time.

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