Is your company willing to make a difference ?

We live in a world marked by inequalities. Many individuals and companies want to help but most lost faith in the existing charity model, or don't know where to give.


Companies’ commitments and collaboration in international aid projects is nevertheless a necessity for our planet.

Because sustainable development matters to all, and today more than ever with the COVID-19 crisis.

Become a direct Sponsor for our International Solidarity Network


We invite you to contact us directly to become an official partner and Sponsor. We have many ideas on how we could work together, for common good! 


Directly support sustainable development projects and nonprofits


ConnectAID makes it easy and safe for businesses to support sustainable development projects and nonprofits.

Beyond tax deductions, corporate philanthropy offers important competitive advantages. In fact, Corporte Social Responsibility has a growing importance among consumers, employees and investors, with “ 9 out of 10 consumers placing significant value in a company’s commitments to social responsibility and solidarity.” (Denjean survey, 2018)

Enterprises willing to publicly contribute to sustainable projects on our International Solidarity Network are encouraged to contact us.  

We'll be happy to send you more information. 


Together, we can be the change. 




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