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ConnectAID’s Ambassador Program is a competitive process: the most active and determined individuals are chosen to join the team of the International Solidarity Network. In this viral setting and online space, ConnectAID offers you the chance to use your existing knowledge and experience as a bridge between action on the ground and individuals from all around the world.

We believe every person, no matter where they live and what their background is, can become a change maker and help achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) during and after the coronavirus crisis. This is why we connect people to meaningful nonprofits’ actions, allowing them to take ownership of a project and become actors of change.

This is where your presence and commitment can make a difference.

Ambassador categories

ConnectAID’s Ambassador Program is a pro-bono program in which selected candidates form part of a Cohort of International Ambassadors. There are currently several categories :


  •  Goodwill Ambassadors
    Goodwill Ambassadors are distinguished public figures, carefully selected from the fields of development aid, art, literature, science, entertainment, sports or other fields of public life, who have agreed to help focus attention on SDGs. These prominent personalities can help raise public awareness of ConnectAID and its nonprofit partners’ efforts in order to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. Through their public appearances, contacts with the international media and humanitarian work, they contribute to expand understanding of how the objectives of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals demand everyone’s attention.

  • ConnectAID Ambassadors
    Change makers and influential personalities (including those who work(ed) for major international organizations or for renown media or corporations) are approached to actively raise global awareness on sustainable development and inspire others to join the international solidarity movement. 

  • Ambassador program coordinators
    Candidates specialists in team building, public relations and digital community management are selected to join our team to coordinate ConnectAID's Ambassadors Programs in different areas and therefore increase the reach of the International Solidarity Network. Please contact us for more information.

  • Community Advocates 
    Influencial professionals are approached to inspire others to become changemakers.
    Candidates specialists in public relations and digital community management in their country of origin and beyond, are also selected to work a few hours a week under our Coordinator’s guidelines to increase the reach of the network. For more information: 

Community Advocate TOR

  • Field Reporters: candidates relying behind our vision of a better world are selected to collect information related to the nonprofits' projects on the ground in the countries where we support humanitarian action.

Field Reporter TOR

  • NGO Ambassadors
    NGO Ambassadors are our ears and eyes for a specific nonprofit partner. As volunteer selected by both structures (ConnectAID and the partner NGO who wish to join this program), he/she will collect information related to the nonprofits' projects directly from the nonprofit’s headquarter to allow smooth communication on the network. Please contact us for more information.


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The Program In Brief

  • Form part of a cohort of international change makers and SDG activists
  • Establish connections
  • Bring back information
  • Eventually develop content (a quote for senior Ambassadors)
  • Eventually attend events
  • Inform your community


Please consult our platform and social media sites for notices on the next round of applications. But first of all, join our network! 

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