We partner with you to help your nonprofit fulfil its mission

In ConnectAID, nonprofit organizations can find the tools and support they need to communicate, raise funds, and inform the public of their projects, furthering the efficiency of their actions and their ability to deliver greater impact on people’s lives.
We are more than just a crowdfunding platform. We are your partner.


Together, we will look for sponsors, donors and volunteers to support your work.

About ConnectAID


All donations collected will go to the account specifically created for your organization. You will only be asked to cover administrative and transaction costs, and to invest a small portion of donations received into the platform’s operating costs and fundraising efforts. Our common objective is to sustainably support your work on the ground and help you increase your positive impact on those who need it the most.

Organizations must be able to show a track record of project implementation and to pass through a due diligence process. Only those legally registered in one of the 25 countries authorized by our payment institution can receive funds. ConnectAID reviews documentations for each organization to validate partnerships, and only charges a project registration fees once the partnership is accepted.

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Beyond our fundraising platform, ConnectAID’s team of communication experts and designers offer a variety of communication services to nonprofits wanting to improve their visibility and raise more funds.

Our optional services

Upon request, we enable you to simplify and focus on your work by taking care of everything. Once you provide us with the necessary information, we’ll take care of the rest.

Your Project Page

We can help you to write and design a bi-lingual project page on the platform, helping you tell your story in a clear and compelling way in order to attract more donors.


Staff on the ground may not always have the right set of communication skills and often need guidance on how best to communicate with their donors. ConnectAID can act as a coordinator between your NGO and staff on the ground. We can provide guidance, effectively communicate your nonprofit’s needs, collect regular updates, photos and videos, and translate posts on your behalf.

Solidarity trips

We are developing an additional service which will make it possible for individuals and media representatives to travel to the site of projects which they support, enhancing visibility and fundraising efforts. If you are interested in organizing site trips, please contact us.

Graphic design

Whether it is to design a logo, an annual report, a website or a brochure, ConnectAID's professional designers can enhance the way that you communicate your mission and goals to your target audience.


If you are interested in our communication services, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.


If you wish to become a partner, please check your eligibility below and contact us.

We'll be happy to have you onboard!

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