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The International Social Service (ISS) is an international NGO founded in 1924; today a network of national entities and a General Secretariat that assist children and families confronted with complex social problems as a result of migration. Thanks to its presence in more than 120 countries, ISS is a global actor promoting child protection and welfare. 

ISS Secretary General, Jean Ayoub, has been involved from the beginning in the creation of ConnectAID in 2018, and is now a Member of its Strategic Committee. Confident of the potential of the International Solidarity Network, ISS is the first pilot partner of ConnectAID.


FXB – Association François-Xavier Bagnoud, is an international development organization with over 30-years of experience in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Its mission is to provide people living in extreme poverty with the tools and support they need to become self-sufficient. Its programs integrate most of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

FXB is a pilot nonprofit partner of ConnectAID since 2019.

Meaningful Business

Meaningful Business is a UK based curated network of progressive leaders across the world, who are combining purpose and profit to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Joining forces with ConnectAID, its mission is to enable these leaders to connect across geography, sector and company size, in order to amplify their social impact and support the UN 2030 agenda.

Gaëlle Mogli, Founder of ConnectAID, was appointed  Meaningful Business Ambassador in 2020.

Cité de la solidarité internationale

The Cité de la Solidarité Internationale (CSI) is a semi-public company that supports the development of international solidarity actors in the French Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and in the Francophone part of Switzerland.

Its ambition is to contribute to innovation and coordination in the field of international solidarity. To this end, it federates a network of actors and is involved in ConnectAID’s international solidarity network whose Headquarter are based within the CSI’s offices, at Geneva’s door.


Impact17 is a social enterprise partnering with UN Agencies, academia, partnership experts and practitioners to build a greater understanding of partnerships for the SDGs.

Directed by Andrew Andreas, Impact17 convenes partnering organisations around common challenges to overcome them and create opportunities. Impact17 is collaborating with ConnectAID to promote and support partnership for social good; connecting partners to international aid for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact.

The Meal

The nonprofit The Meal International recently created Inform-e.net, a platform meant to provide a view of the Sustainable Development competences that exist within any given range: locally, or within any number of miles defined.

Inform-e and ConnectAID having complementary missions, they decided to partner to offer a wider range of possibilities for actors of change. What unites them is ethics and the determination to reach the Sustainable Development Goals.


Bridges 2030

Bridges 2030 is a US based social impact organization that believes in purpose before profit.

As of 2020, Bridges 2030 joined forces with ConnectAID to drive more action, more projects, more results that are scalable across the different regions of the world and specifically in developing countries and building the bridges among the actors, driving activity and making a difference. 


Anthem Creative, a Canadian digital agency, combines years of non-profit executive leadership with hard hitting creative to leverage brand - web - film - social digital presence that will inspire more generosity and engagement.

ConnectAID joined forces with Anthem in June 2020 to offer Canadian nonprofits more communication and coordination services and help them tell their story in a way that will move others to action. Our common vision is to make it easier for grass roots organization to amplify their impact on the ground.


E-Perlink is a French company specializing in computer programming, web development and graphic design. The agency is based in Annecy and has been operating since 2002.

As of 2018, E-Perlink and ConnectAID became associates to create the International Solidarity Network.


Join us as Corporate Partners


Corporates' commitments and collaboration in international aid is nevertheless a necessity for our planet. Because sustainable development matters to all, and today more than ever with the COVID-19 crisis.

Enterprises willing to become official partners of ConnectAID can contact us at contact@connectaid.com.





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