Our team


ConnectAID was created in 2019 by specialists in both humanitarian and development aid and in computer programming. It is currently listed as a startup company, registered in the French “Register of Trades and Companies” of Annecy.

Our Founders


Gaëlle Mogli

Founder and CEO


United Nations Spokesperson for the World Food Programme - WFP, the World Meteorological Organization – WMO, and the International Organization for Migration - IOM, Gaëlle has also worked for UNICEF and various NGOs across five continents, including during emergency situations.

Gaëlle Mogli Sévenier has over 15 years of experience as a journalist and Communication Expert in the humanitarian and development aid sector.

Since 2018, she is devoting her life to ConnectAID to meet the international cooperation's needs that she has identified in the field.



Web development & Graphic Design Associates

E-Perlink is a French company specializing in computer programming, web development and graphic design. The agency is based in Annecy and has been operating since 2002.

With Matthieu Billon Lanfrey as web developer, the company is co-managed by Fabien and Nicolas Carminati, as well as Emmanuel Dannenmuller, who is also the co-founder of the smartphones brand Fantôme Ltd.


Emmanuel Dannenmuller


Matthieu Billon Lanfrey


Fabien Carminati


Nicolas Carminati



Alpha Team Members


Stephanie VON KANEL

Communication and Partnership Coordinator (ISS)


Hinddou MAÏGA

NGO Ambassador/ Field Reporter
(ISS - FXB Rwanda)

Anaïs Hude

Anaïs Hude

Communication and SDGs




Web Marketing


Our Strategic Committee Members

Our Strategic Committee is an advisory body composed of the following Members:

Jean Ayoub

Jean Ayoub

Secretary-General of the International Social Service - ISS Network (Geneva, Switzerland)

“ConnectAID is the purpose-driven communication tool NGOs need to feature their social and humanitarian impact on local communities.”

Since 2018, Jean Ayoub, who worked as the Director of Disaster Response & Operations Coordination for the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, provides ConnectAID with a deep understanding of the world's humanitarian and social affairs. He has contributed a global vision, strategic recommendations, as well as management and partnerships guidelines.


Fernando Ramirez

Fernando Ramirez

Founder of Bridges 2030 and serial entrepreneur (Philadelphia, USA)

"ConnectAID provides a comprehensive solution to develop, deliver and witness real impact."

Fernando Ramirez contributes to ConnectAID's Business Development and sponsoring & fundraising efforts for the American's region. This essential contribution is in line with his mission to enhance projects and technology with a social impact focus, in accordance with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. 


Jean-Pierre Cubizolle

 Jean-Pierre Cubizolle

Founder and Director of CHC (Geneva, Switzerland)

"ConnectAID brings the appropriate integrated support solutions to NGO, for them to focus efficiently on their humanitarian mission and objectives."

Jean-Pierre Cubizolle has over 35 years experience in Management of multi-national organizations, lately in the health sector. He was co-founder of ADEIS and on the board of foundation of RET International, two NGOs involved in children education.


A Khurana

Aanchal Khurana

UN Spokesperson, Head of Sub Office and Emergency Coordinator  (Canada)

« ConnectAID is a unique platform that brings carefully vetted underfunded projects from across the globe to the attention of potential donors, both from the private and public sectors »

Aanchal Khurana brings 14 years of international field experience to ConnectAID, having worked mainly in conflict zones, natural disasters and epidemics/pandemics contexts. She contributes her diverse skill set in partnerships capacities across a wide range of actors including donors, civil society and the private sector.


Pierre Bernier

Pierre Bernier

Managing Director at Unigestion SA (Geneva, Switzerland)

"ConnectAID has an innovative approach in a growing market. A project with great potential led by professionals with real convictions as well as a world vision."

Pierre Bernier brings a holistic understanding and established skill set in areas of management and human resources to ConnectAID. He also provides pro-bono expertise and strategic advice for the development of the International Solidarity Network.


Francis Bouvier

Francis Bouvier

Secretary General at CAPEB ISERE (Grenoble, France)

Francis Bouvier, who has directed several French enterprises, shares his extensive experience in startup creation with ConnectAID, as well as key experience in areas of strategic planning and management.





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