Understanding the challenges and complexities of the humanitarian and development aid sector, we support international nonprofit organizations, UN agencies, Foundations and Corporations to communicate about their impact and deliver the best sustainable development results. 

Awarded Best Humanitarian & Development Aid Project for the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards 2022, here is a summary of what we have done since we started in 2018:

Our pool of international Consultants is now ready to be deployed to deliver additional communication and public relations services and continue increasing humanitarian, environmental and development impact.

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Our ambition is to ‘revolutionize’ the world of international solidarity at a time when it is more needed than ever, for greater environmental and humanitarian impact on local communities. Recently, our team even went back to the field to support some of our nonprofit Members, so that people can regain trust in what they do.

We had a vision, now we are seing real impact: a partner Foundation awarded one of our NGO Members with a climate action prize; another Foundation saw our communication and decided to finance one of the humanitarian projects; millions of people are seeing our posts every day on social media and are inspired to take action online to acheive together the 17 Sustainable Develoment Goals (SDGs).

In 2019, we sent our first field reporter to Rwanda. In 2022, three of our Field Reporters went on a humanitarian mission to India to organize potential solidarity trips with corporations, connect our Nonprofit Members with Foundations and peers, train local staff, film, write about and report back on how they are profoundly changing the lives of so many people.

FXB India Suraksha and the Blue House Project are two of those wonderful Nonprofit Members we have carrefully vetted. Yet very few people know about them. Until now.

Are you aware of the life-saving work that Foundations and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) do every day on the ground? If you aren’t, we’ll show you! Those are just a few recent examples of the communication materials we have produced for our partners. 



ConnectAID reports back from the field to communicate the impact its nonprofit Members have. Here are our latest impact stories published on our humanitarian social network:

Impacting Real Lives: How a 7-year-old drug addict became an artist, thanks to one NGO

Ramzan used to be known as one of Jaipur’s “railway children.” He was living on the streets, near the train station, among scores of young kids who either beg – with almost no clothes on, and little food in their stomach – or collect and sell used plastic bottles. No one seems to care. No one, except for a nonprofit organization named FXB India Suraksha.

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Since 2018, ConnectAID provided communication support to 24 NGO Members who are positively impacting over 2,879,210 lives in 120 countries.


ConnectAID is now internationally renowned through its extended network of networks of over 3 million individuals. 


We organized in the first World Summit of SDG Influencers, with Helen Clark, Former prime Minister of New Zealand and Head of UNDP. Here is what the key speakers said about the event:

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If you are looking for a professional team of international Consultants, we have the best experts to work for you! Whether it is in Communications, Public Relations, Social Media Management, CSR, field missions organization, Events and Campaigns Management, Videos production, legal work, and research in the Sustainable Development field, we will respond to your needs! 


We invite Foundations, corporations, UN organizations, NGOs and Corporations to contact us and work with us so that together we can increase humanitarian and environmental impact around the world.
What we do is more than ever necessary. 
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