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ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, is looking for experts in Social media, Private sector and Fundraising as well as Web development. Possibility to work from home, part time. This opportunity is a volunteer position as part of ConnectAID's Ambassador Program. Our next cohor of Community Advocates will be recruited in September 2021.

About ConnectAID

ConnectAID, the International Solidarity Network, is a combined humanitarian social impact network and "direct-giving" platform dedicated to sustainable development actions, for greater social, humanitarian and environmental impact. Its goal is to connect individuals, nonprofits and corporates to international aid, allowing them to contribute directly to meaningful sustainable development efforts, including those needed to fight the disastrous international consequences of COVID-19.


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Community Advocate’s TOR

An important part of the Community Advocate’s role is the building of a global community both online and in real life. You will actively serve as a link between ConnectAID and potential new Members to increase the platform’s reach at an international level. You will be invited to attend high-level conferences which will be a great networking opportunity for your future career. Our team will also provide occasional training and information sessions to strengthen your competencies and understanding of humanitarian issues and the SDG Agenda.

We are now looking for several Community Advocates with different roles.

Duties and Responsibilities as a Community Advocate (Common Duties)


1. Join an active community of Change Makers – As part of our Ambassador program, receive weekly guidelines to actively communicate about SDGs, the International Solidarity Network and nonprofits’ actions around the world.

2. Actively participate in weekly meetings, training sessions, and task forces. Outstanding candidates will be promoted to coordination roles.

3. Participate in major ConnectAID events, including a World Summit of SDG Influencers in June 2021.

4. Write articles and quotes related to the involvement of participants in events.

5. Attend sustainable development events as an informal representative of ConnectAID.

6. Monitoring and evaluation - Provide regular feedback related to your activities, their implementation and respective reach within both the online and offline community.

7. Actively participate in social media presence using your own social media accounts, thereby extending your personal contacts and reach.

8. Be proactive in helping ConnectAID reach its goals for more solidarity and impact on the ground.

There are three different roles we are now looking for, depending on your expertise. However, all CAs will be at some point required to participate in social media, events and fundraising efforts.


  • Social media Expert

1. Content creation – Write posts, blogs, articles, and create communication materials (including videos) for all social media channels, about ConnectAID, its nonprofits partners and sustainable development more broadly.

2. Social media marketing – Create, manage and grow ConnectAID’s and non-profits' presence through blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and other strategically relevant online forums.

3. Network with potential travel bloggers, influencers, and potential Goodwill Ambassadors (renowned public figures) to include them in our community.

4. Conduct research for media outreach and media monitoring.

5. Edit documents in English, and potentially translate them into French (if fluent).



  • Corporate sector outreach, Management and Fundraising Expert

1. Actively search for investors, innovative funding and other SDG based opportunities.

2. Follow up on grant opportunities and help prepare applications.

3. Actively look for donors for our nonprofit partners on the platform.

4. Actively look for sponsors from the corporate sector.

5. Participate in the creation of newsletters for donors.



  • IT support and Web development Expert

1. Develop the Hopin platform for major conferences

2. Provide assistance in developing phase 2 of our social network (PHP/Mysql, Front Office: html5, css3, "Foundation" / "bootstrap". Javascript "React").

3. Provide IT support as needed


Required Skills


  • Fluent in English
  • Graduate, or post-graduate experience in communications, IT, Web development, management, fundraising or community management
  • Proven experience in social media management/ fundrasing or web development;
  • Strong interest in socio-humanitarian and development initiatives;
  • Strong interest & ability in social media content development;
  • Proficiency in writing and editing;
  • Good organizational and time management skills;
  • Computer literacy (with a strong internet connection and social media interest);
  • The ability to communicate in several languages, especially in French, is considered a plus.


Program Duration


Minimum of 6 months, minimum 50%, home based - Our next cohort will start May 3rd 2021


How to apply

Deadline for applications: 20th September

The Community Advocate role is offered on a voluntary basis. Participation in the Ambassador Program requires a minimum commitment of 6 months, part-time; however, longer commitment is expected.

Community Advocates work from home with frequent communication with our Team based in France, Switzerland, Belgium, South Africa and Australia. No working visa nor administrative document can be delivered. Active Advocates will however receive a Certificate of Merit upon completion of the 6 month Program. Those who display professionalism and passion for the work we do for sustainable development will be offered a more permanent and voluntary role as part of ConnectAID’s Ambassador program.

The Program is open to applicants of all nationalities, and can be done from anywhere around the world. Applicants must be at least 21 years old at the time they start working in the Program.

To apply, please send us a letter of motivation mentioning which role you would be interested in and why, and your CV at 

We thank all applicants for their interest; however, we wish to advise that only short-listed candidates will be contacted for interviews.

We look forward to working with you!

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